LEED Commissioning

A.B.L is well experienced to provide following services for LEED commissioning.



1. LEED: Fundamental Commissioning


Fundamental Commissioning is a prerequisite and requires the following:


 Assist with the OPR (Owners Project Requirements).


 Make sure the BOD (Basis Of Design) is being developed by the design team.


 Review the OPR and the BOD to make sure that they are in agreement.


 Verify that commissioning requirements are included with the construction documents.


 Develop and implementation of Commissioning Plan.


 Verify the installation and performance of the following systems.


 Perform functional testing on following systems..


 Delivery of Commissioning Report.



Systems to be commissioned:


The minimum systems that should be commissioned to meet the LEED requirements:


1. HVAC systems and controls.


2. Lighting and daylighting.


3. Domestic hot water.


4. Renewable energy.



2. LEED: Enhanced Commissioning


Enhanced commissioning requires the following in addition to all the Basic Requirements:


 Perform a 50% Construction Document Review


 Review submittals of commissioned systems


 Produce a systems manual for commissioned systems


 Verify training requirements are complete


 Participate in the  walk through (LEED recommends 8-10 months) the intent of this is to review the building operations with the owner prior to the standard 12-month contractor warranties expires.